Red Neck Sex Test

True or False:

  1. Asphalt refers to your rear end.
  2. Spread Eagle is an extinct bird.
  3. A Menstrual Cycle is a three-spoke wheel.
  4. A g-string is a part of a fiddle.
  5. Testicles are found on octopus.
  6. Kotex is a radio station in Georgia.
  7. Erection is when Japanese people vote.
  8. A Pubic Hair is a wild rabbit.
  9. Masturbate is used to catch fish.
  10. Diaphragm is a geometric drawing.
  11. Dildo is a variety of sweet pickles.
  12. Pornography is a type of business that makes records.
  13. A Condom is an apartment complex where Jeff lives.
  14. Douche is the French word for 12.